SnG offers sealcoating, which is low-cost periodic maintenance that helps retain the essential oils and hydrocarbon binders that hold it together. Sealcoating can double the life of your pavement while keeping destructive elements blocked out, saving you a significant amount of money in the long run.

It also provides a slate black finish for your asphalt that gives your home or business a fresh, “new-look” appearance.

A quality sealcoat product can be applied 30-60 days after new asphalt is installed (or anytime thereafter). It provides a "skin" of protection and helps your asphalt retain the oils and binders that hold it together. This helps prevent brittle asphalt, loss of color, alligator areas, potholes and other cracks from forming due to vehicles rolling over improperly supported asphalt, degradation from the sun’s UV rays, gas/oil drips, heavy vehicles and weathering. An unsealed crack allows water to run down under the pavement and erode the aggregates of the asphalt.

We use Hot or Cold application crack filler to stop the intrusion of water and other destructive elements. SnG Pavement Marking will be happy to assist you in determining the application method for any project you bring our way.